Relaxed Performances

If being in a theatre environment make you or anyone you know feel nervous, if flashing light effects, smoke on stage or loud sound effects put you off coming to see a performance then you may benefit from attending one of our Relaxed Performances. A Relaxed Performance is a specially adapted performance for anyone needing a calmer, more flexible way of enjoying a theatrical performance.

Relaxed Performance FAQ

What is a Relaxed Performance?
A Relaxed Performance is an adapted performance designed for people who will benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment including people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, sensory or communication disorders, a learning disability, those with age-related impairments or just anyone who could benefit from a more informal theatre environment.

What is different about the Relaxed Performance compared to a standard performance?

1. Auditorium lights will be raised to half-light so that the audience are not in complete darkness throughout the show.
2. Lighting and special effects will be slightly altered: for example, removing strobes and flashing lights and reducing very loud noises. However the content of the show will not be changed.
3. Audience members will be free to come in and out of the auditorium throughout the performance whenever they feel the need to. Silence and stillness are not required.
4. There will be a ‘chill out’ area with soft furnishings outside the auditorium if the performance becomes too overwhelming.
5. Information packs are also sent out prior to the performance with additional details about the show. This will help you familiarise yourself with our theatre and the things you may encounter during your visit.

Who can attend a Relaxed Performance?
Everyone! It is ideal for people with Autism or a learning disability but anyone is welcome to come, especially families or people bringing young children. A reminder that all children under 2 years old who don’t need a seat, don’t require a ticket.

Does it matter if my group are noisy?
Not at all! You may talk freely during the performance and move about. Shrieks of joy and excitement are expected and welcome here.

Can we bring a toy or gadget to play with during the performance?
Yes, certainly. Feel free to bring any toy you like, but remember to bring headphones if it’s a noisy one. Ear defenders can be useful if the noise of the show feels too loud, these are available to loan from staff during the show.

Will your front of house staff be familiar with an audience like ours?
Yes! The staff are fully equipped to help all audience members on the day. There will be plenty of people around to ask for assistance. We are all there to ensure everyone has a fantastic time at the theatre!


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