Wheelchair Tickets

Do you require a companion ticket?

If you haven't booked with us before and require a free companion ticket with your order, please contact our Box Office team by emailing supervisors@sheffieldtheatres.co.uk and we will get your account set up so you can continue to book online.

If you have this all set up, or do not require a free companion ticket, please continue to follow the steps below

Step-by-step guide to booking wheelchair tickets online

1. Start by logging in to your account, by clicking on the ‘MY ACCOUNT.’ symbol in the top right of the website. It is important you do this first so that the system recognises you.

2. Once you have logged in and searched for the show/s you want to book, you will see the following symbols on the seating plans for the Lyceum and Crucible Theatre:

Seating map describing blue stars as wheelchair and red stars as additional seats next to wheelchair

Wheelchair spaces will be displayed as a blue star on the map, with additional seats to purchase next to the wheelchair space - displayed as red stars.

3. Click on the space/s and seat/s you would like to book and click on 'Continue'.

4. The wheelchair space will automatically be priced correctly as 'Wheelchair Space' and the other tickets will be listed as 'Standard'.

Example of basket including the wheelchair and standard ticket

5. Click on 'Continue'. Then one of two things will happen to your basket:

Wheelchair ticket WITH companion - If you have told us you require a free essential companion ticket, one of your 'Standard' tickets will automatically reduce to free essential companion ticket.

Wheelchair ticket WITHOUT companion - If you do not require a free companion ticket, it will remain as a 'Standard' ticket type.

6. You can then 'Continue browsing' or click on 'Continue' to complete the booking process.

In the Studio Theatre the process is different because it is an unreserved venue:

Example of the Studio seating plan with wheelchair spaces section

On the map above, please click on the 'Wheelchair Spaces' area.

Please note in this area you are ONLY booking the wheelchair spaces. You can add more tickets later on.

7. Select how many wheelchair spaces you want to purchase and add to basket, then click 'Continue'.

Example of what your tickets will look like in your online basket

8. Once in the basket, if you would like to book more tickets, click on'Edit', which takes you back to the performance.

9. Click on 'Stage Level' from the drop down list to select more tickets.

Example of what your other tickets types will look like when you go back and select 'Stage Level'

Please ensure one of your additional tickets selected is 'Standard', as detailed in the steps above, if you have told us you require companion ticket,the cost will automatically reduce to a free essential companion ticket.

Example of the broken down list you see of ticket types and prices when you click 'View Details'

10. If you want to check your booking, please click on 'View details'.

11. Click 'Continue' to complete the booking process. If there are no seats left on Stage Level, please call our Box Office to check availability.