What To Expect

First Time Visitors

The Crucible, The Lyceum, The Studio; where am I going?
We have three theatre spaces across two buildings – both of which are located on Tudor Square in Sheffield. The Lyceum Theatre is in one bulding and the Crucible also houses the Studio Theatre which is located on the lower foyer level. Your ticket tells you where you’re heading - stick to it and if in doubt, ask at the Box Office or one of our Front of House team.

What should I wear?
Ah yes, the eternal question. Well, I can’t help you, there is no dress code at the Theatres you see; get dressed up if you fancy; heels? suit and tie? Why not, it’s a night out after all. Or don’t; maybe you want to wear jeans and your One Direction hoodie - that’s okay by us. No tiger onesies though (just our personal preference).

What if I’m late?
The tram broke down! I couldn’t find my keys! The dog ate my homework! etc. If you’re running late - don’t panic! We understand that sometimes lateness can be unavoidable and we’ll do all we can so that you can still enjoy your evening. Make yourself known to our Front of House Team and they will advise you at what point is best to take your seats and show you where they are with a tiny but powerful torch.

Try and arrive well before the advertised starting time of the show you’re coming to see – if you need to collect your tickets from Box Office there may be a queue at the last minute. The doors to the auditorium usually open around 20-30 minutes before the show starts – you’ll hear an announcement from the Front of House manager which will magically emanate across all the corners of the theatre.

Can I get more information on the show?
You can! There are programmes available for all Lyceum and Crucible shows as well as most of the shows in the Studio Theatre. They usually contain a plot synopsis, rehearsal photos and shots of the cast looking incredibly serious and directly into your soul. These can be purchased from the Front of House staff as well as at the Box Office and Bar, usually priced between £3 -£5.

Where can I get a drink or something to eat?
Both buildings have bars selling a selection of beers, wines and spirits, and kiosks selling soft-drinks, ice-creams and sweets - staple diet of theatre goers for years. We would like to also draw your attention to the chip butty in Crucible Corner; trust us when we say, it is the best in Sheffield.

You can pre-order interval drinks at the bar before the performance, that way you can look over smugly at people in the queue while sipping on your pre-poured g&t.

Find out more here.
Can I take photos of the performance?
Respect the performers and switch off your phone during the performance. Obviously we encourage the classic pre-show ‘Theatre-seat selfie’.

Will there be an interval?
Most performances have an interval of about 20 minutes partway through the show, where you can get a drink or an ice cream, have a comfort break or simply remain in your seat and take selfies (see above). If there is no interval, you will be advised of this before the show starts.

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Sheffield Theatres is the largest theatre complex outside London. Across our three auditoria: the Crucible, the Lyceum and the Crucible Studio, we offer a huge variety of home-grown and touring productions, as well as a thriving programme of participatory events and activities.