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Yorkshire Post on Third Angel on Inherited Cities

Our streets. Your city.

Let us show you the future of the city, our city. Let us lead you through the ins and outs of our town centre, to uncover our unspoken feelings and opinions. During its lifetime, Sheffield has been inherited over and over again and soon it will be time for you to pass it on to us. Soon we will own and live in and occupy the places that you now consider yours. We will turn it into something new and when that happens you need to ask, ‘How will we keep up with it?’. Because even if you don't know it, the future of our city is just around the next corner.

100% thought up and performed by us - your young people –Inherited Cites asks you to see the city through our eyes.

Running time: TBC

A Third Angel and Sheffield Theatres Co-Production

Performances with Extras

Live for 5

  • On sale 1 June at 5.00pm
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