The Night Constable: Much Ado About Nothing Digital Experience

The Mission

"I, Constable Dogberry, have received an anonymous tip-off that someone is planning to destroy Hero’s reputation and ruin her life through perforating a heinous lie, which is a crime in Messina. And everywhere.

Together, with my trusted Deputy, Verges, I will attempt to discover who the criminal is, what exactly they have done, and gather the proof of their guilt before it’s too late and the damage is too great – which will seal all our fates! Oooh, that rhymed!"

The Experience

Journey to the world of Much Ado About Nothing through the eyes of Constable Dogberry in this interactive digital adventure. Can you work to uncover corruption, plotting and deceit at the heart of Messina?

The Night Constable is an online experience that is perfect for further engagement with our upcoming production of Much Ado About Nothing with Ramps on the Moon, or as standalone learning for those in Year 7 and above.

Captivate the imaginations of your students and support the development of their appreciation of the text, characters and narrative through a uniquely engaging and fully interactive digital learning resource.

Much Ado About Nothing title on a bright pink background with cut out yellow hearts. Featured within the different heart shapes are a kissing couple, a pointing hand, an eye, crossed hands over heart and the top of a young man's head looking sideways

Booking Details

Dates: available online from Monday 5 September (booking required)

Age Guidance: suitable for all young people studying English from Year 7 and above

Price: £30 per class

Running Time: approx. 1 hour, but can be paused and delivered over a number of sessions.

How To Book: Please contact our Box Office 0114 249 6000 or book online using the link below.

After booking, you will be sent a link to access the interactive experience online from 5 September.

The Evidence Room

Here's a sneak preview of the evidence room. Will you be able to find all the clues and solve the case?


To align with Ramps on the Moon’s pioneering initiative to put deaf and disabled artists and audiences at the centre of their work, The Night Constable includes:

  • Embedded audio description and captioning
  • ASD friendly content and design
  • Supportive navigation controls including audio assist and content repeat buttons
  • Colour contrasting design for visually impaired users