Useful links for right now

HMRC Helpline:

HMRC have set up a helpline specifically for the self-employed and businesses who will be struggling now.

The Coronavirus helpline: 0300 456 3565

Apparently they will give you advice on your tax and any benefits you can claim for.

Articles/publications and other resource lists

Exuent: Covid-19 Resources for UK Theatre

Arts Council: Covid-19: Support for individuals from Government and other sources

For Watching

Third Angel The Film Room

Digital Theatre
has made its archive of performances available for free. Just use "dtremote" for both username and password, refresh the site to initiate a 9-day free pass (it may seem a bit fiddly but it works). @DigitalTheatre

The Live Stream Archive has just been set up to host recordings of performances that are free to access.