Artist Residency Scheme

Seed funding to get your idea or project off the ground.

We recognise how hard it is to get an idea off the ground in the early stage of its formation. Perhaps you have just had an idea of something you want to explore, or you have been thinking about something for a while but haven’t had the means to get it off the ground.

The Artist Residency schemes seeks to give artists the space and seed funding to start a creative process in a dedicated space for artists to experiment together.

There is no expectation towards an end result, but we will work with each company individually to see what result they would like to see at the end of the week’s development time.


  • Early career artists based in South Yorkshire
  • Theatre and performance makers
  • 18+ opportunity

We will match the applications against our programming policy and a successful submission will satisfy at least one of these criteria:

  • Artist Development; is the artist in the early to mid-stage of their career and need support to get their idea off the ground?
  • Creative Case for Diversity; does this company represent the diversity of Sheffield in our rehearsal room?
  • Artistic Quality; is the idea of artistic interest, is it pushing boundaries or challenging form?
  • Audience engagement; will the idea seek to bring in new audiences or engage audiences in a new way.

Applying for seed funding

We have the following seed funds to apply for:
2 x £500 with one week of space in The Bank
2 x £1,000 with one week of space in The Bank

Applications open: Friday 21 February
Applications close: Friday 3 April
Applicants notified: Friday 10 April