Artist Residency Scheme

Seed funding to get ideas off the ground.

We recognise how hard it is to get an idea off the ground in the early stage of its formation. The Artist Residency Scheme seeks to give artists the space and seed funding to start a creative process.

Meet the four artists who are the first to take up residencies:

Dan Loops

Armed with a razor sharp wit and an acoustic guitar. Dan Loops raps and sings songs about life, love and Harry Potter. A Sheffield born story teller that is fascinated by the human condition and loves to discuss difficult subjects through a comedic and musical lens.

Dan’s work:

I will be developing the music and projection for a brand new and original theatre show that delves into the ups and downs of self love, mental health and online dating. The fresh exciting show will combine narrative story telling with music and the digital age.

Avital Raz

Avital Raz studied at The School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, before embarking on a 20-year career as a singer/songwriter and musician. She released seven albums of her own music and performed with acclaimed world music band Rafiki Jazz. Two years ago, she started developing a controversial song into a solo show during a residency with Lancaster Arts.

MY JERUSALEM - A tale of a drunken one-night-stand infused with stories of growing up in 80's Israel, became a WorksAhead commission with hÅb/STUN + Contact with ACE support, and mentored by Peader Kirk. The lockdown cut its national tour short.

Avital’s work:

A woman in her early 40's living with her partner in an old house that used to belong to her grandparents. One day they finally manage to open the door at the back of the utility closet that would never budge and discover a whole new wing to the house. They are taken aback when they smell cooking from one of the rooms. They find the woman's long deceased grandmother standing over a sizzling pan of halibut. The grandmother was a holocaust survivor and schizophrenic. Questions of life, death, fertility and family bonds are explored.

Madeline Shann

A theatre-maker and performer who makes devised political work, Madeline plays around with styles, genres and disciplines.

Madeline’s work:

I want to R&D a new piece, It's Not What You Think, about our susceptibility to being not just lied to, but psychologically manipulated.

We hugely overestimate our abilities to critically analyse our behaviour, be conscious of our biases and make rational, informed decisions. From Cambridge Analytica to climate denial and the rise of authoritarian regimes across the world, our suggestibility and the actions we can be convinced to take against our own interests are having profound real-world consequences.

Drawing on social psychology, military psy-ops, psychographics, illusion, con artistry, propaganda and advertising, I’ll be pushing my devising methodology into more experimental, absurdist territory to try and find a way of talking about how our minds are mined.

Bethany Wells

Trained in architecture, Bethany is an award-winning performance designer working across dance, theatre and installation, with particular interest in site-specific and devised performance.

Bethany sees design as a form of activism, and is interested in exploring what can be achieved politically and socially by the collective live experience of performance. Believing in the power of collaborative process to open up space and time to new possible realities, Bethany trusts the power of performance to move, shape and question our individual and collective experiences.

Bethany’s work:

As a designer, I usually work as a collaborator on other people's projects, but have recently started exploring what work I would make as lead artist. The Carols will be the first performance project I have initiated, and I'm excited to start bringing it to life in 2020. With its roots in my childhood experience of community sings in Stannington, The Carols celebrates the unique local carol tradition in the pubs of rural Sheffield, working with new writing, old pubs, and even older tunes and harmonies.