Roundabout Season: The Sound of Heavy Rain

Presented at Studio

Penelope Skinner

Part of the Roundabout Season

Cabaret singer Foxie O’Hara vanished without a tweet two weeks ago from Mrs Whistle’s Lodge.

On that very same night, Foxie’s friend Maggie Brown, a temporary secretary, announced her engagement to local businessman Dougal Cheese.

Concerned and desperate, Maggie seeks the help of Dabrowski P.I. to find her missing friend.

But before Dabrowski can blow the whistle on the mystery of Foxie O’Hara he must delve into the history of the girls’ relationship; the deeper he digs, the darker the case becomes, until the real question he needs to answer isn’t ‘where is Foxie’….but ‘who is Foxie’?

This play has been specially commissioned for the Roundabout acting ensemble.

Wed 12 Oct 2:15pm
Wed 12 Oct 7:45pm
Thu 13 Oct 7:45pm
Fri 14 Oct 7:45pm
Sat 15 Oct 2:15pm
Sat 15 Oct 7:45pm
Wed 19 Oct 7:45pm
Thu 20 Oct 7:45pm
Fri 21 Oct 7:45pm
Sat 22 Oct 7:45pm
Mon 24 Oct 7:45pm
Tue 25 Oct 7:45pm
Wed 26 Oct 2:15pm
Wed 26 Oct 7:45pm
Thu 27 Oct 7:45pm
Fri 28 Oct 7:45pm
Sat 29 Oct 2:15pm
Sat 29 Oct 7:45pm
Wed 16 Nov 7:45pm
Thu 17 Nov 7:45pm
Fri 18 Nov 7:45pm
Sat 19 Nov 2:15pm
Sat 19 Nov 7:45pm
Mon 21 Nov 7:45pm
Tue 22 Nov 7:45pm
Wed 23 Nov 7:45pm
Thu 24 Nov 3:00pm
Thu 24 Nov 5:30pm
Thu 24 Nov 8:00pm
Fri 25 Nov 7:45pm
Sat 26 Nov 3:00pm Call Box Office: 0114 249 6000
Sat 26 Nov 5:30pm Call Box Office: 0114 249 6000
Sat 26 Nov 8:00pm

The Cast

Maia Alexander

Maia Alexander

Maggie Brown

Alistair Cope

Alistair Cope

Graham Hodges

Kate O'Flynn

Kate O'Flynn

Foxie O'Hara

Andrew Sheridan

Andrew Sheridan

PI Dabrowski


Penelope Skinner


James Grieve


Lucy Osbourne


Emma Chapman

Lighting Designer

Adrienne Quartley

Sound Designer


Located within the Crucible building, the Studio Theatre has a flexible design allowing the seating to be adjusted to play on one, two or three sides or in the round. Seating in the Studio is unreserved.
The Studio hosts a mix of small-scale in-house and touring productions, as well as hosting the acclaimed Ensemble 360's tri-annual Music in the Round Festival.

  • 55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 1DA
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