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Technical Information

Please see below for Technical and Production information for each of the three auditoria

Crucible Theatre

Lyceum Theatre

Studio Theatre


Production Managers Dan Franklin
Company Manager Andrew Wilcox
Head of Stage Julius Wilson-Wolfe
Deputy Heads of Stage Dave Pumford, James Turner
Head of Lighting Gary Longfield
Deputy Heads of Lighting Nick Johnson, Chris Brown
Head of Sound Nick Greenhill
Head of Wardrobe Debbie Gamble
Deputy Head of Wardrobe Abi Nettleship
Head of Workshop John McCall
Stage Manager Sarah Gentle
Deputy Stage Manager Lynsey Fraser

Please note that Julius Wilson-Wolfe should be the primary point of contact for all visiting companies. He will then pass information on to the most appropriate people.

All members of the production department can be contacted by calling Stage Door on 0114 249 5999.

Any request for work experience should go to our HR department rather than directly to the production department.